SupremeCraft Staff


These players are the original creators of SupremeCraft.



SupremeCraft Owner

Owner and Co-Owners

The owner and co-owners are in charge of the whole server. They are the boss of everyone and everything, and deserve a lot of respect. The server owners are also the ones who founded the server originally. They are in charge of giving ranks and are responsible for making sure everyone is doing their job correctly. Most importantly, the owners want you to have an amazing Minecraft experience.



SupremeCraft Head Administrator


The administrators, or admins, are second in charge to the owner and co-owners. They are usually on the server more frequently than the owner, consantly trying to get feedback from users on how the server can be improved. Administrators have similar power on the server to the owner, so you must do what they tell you to do as if you were being told by the owner.



SupremeCraft Lead Developer


SupremeCraft would be nothing if it was not for the developers. You wouldn't be reading about the SupremeCraft developers if they didn't create this website. The developers have possibly the most challenging job; managing the website, creating custom plugins, and being in charge of all purchases and donations. They work side-by-side with the owner and admins to figure out the very technical part of how improvement can happen.



SupremeCraft Head Moderator


The SupremeCraft chat and fourm is bully-free and full of kindness and help. The moderators, or mods, make sure that SupremeCraft stays this way. They are allowed to report hackers with urgency, kick players, mute players, and give players warnings. They are online very often are are always there to help you and answer your question.