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The Matt Nappo Software Compilation is a compilation of simple and free programs I have made. I will soon be releasing other paid compilations of programs with a more set theme that are meant to solve complicated and complex problems.



The programs available for download on this website were made in either:

  • Visual Basic
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • Robot C
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
I plan on learning more web design and possibly more Visual Basic and C# in the future. I would say that I am most proficient in Python and Java.


There are many different types of programs in Matt Nappo Software. Some of the programs, like the Encryption Program can be used in the real world. However, the Cipher Program is a lot less secure and just shifts ascii values around. I made it mainly for educational purposes. The Quiz Maker is a program I spent a lot of time creating, and I have actually used for school. Other programs on the Programs page are similar to the encryption program, useful.

About Me

I am Matt Nappo (hopefully you know that by now). I have been programming since the age of 9, and have always had a love for computers. Ever since I learned Microsoft Small BasicĀ© when I was very young, I knew that I wanted to expand my programming knowledge. I later bought books on Visual Basic and Python, and took classes on Python and Java along with web design, and the rest is history!

Programs in the Process

These are programs that I am currently working on for the Matt Nappo Software compilation.

Language Knowledge



Simple, But Powerful


Python is a simple language that is great for elementary level programmers because of its awesome high-level syntax. It is also very powerful and reliable, which is why I choose Python for quick and simple programs over other languages like Java and C#. Most of the programs on my GitHub account were made in Python, so if you are interested, go check it out.



Write Once, Run Anywhere


Java, an amazing object-oriented and class-based programming language, is known for its 'write once, run anywhere' functionality. Over one billion devices run Java because of this, making Java very popular. I use Java for large, complicated, and complex tasks because Java handles programs like these well. You will not find many programs made in Java in my Matt Nappo Software Compilation because this compilation consists of mainly simple programs.


C# and Visual Basic

Beautiful, easy graphics

C# and Visual Basic

Text-based programs are more practical and usually more efficent, in my opinion, but sometimes a graphical user interface (GUI) is the way to go. C# and Visual Basic, which run off of Microsoft's Windows-Only .NET framework, make it very easy to create beautiful, functional GUIs and games because of Visual Studio, which is the editor. Lots of programs in this compilation are made in Visual Basic or C# in order to achieve amazing graphics.



HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 5


Web Design. Arguably the most important thing on the internet. Without websites, what would the internet be? HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the basics of a good website. They were designed to work well together to form a beautiful website. You can think of HTML as the skeleton for a website. It tells the browser where to put what. For example, if you want a box in the middle of the screen, HTML would be what you would use to solve this problem. CSS, on the other hand, styles the things that you add in HTML. So if you want that box you just created to be blue, you would use CSS. Finally, JavaScript is the programming language of the web. If you wanted the blue button to calcuate something, create movement or perform a task when clicked, a short JavaScript script would be necessary.

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